DUI charges and charges for traffic violations in Maywood, IL can have serious consequences for drivers, especially if they are convicted.

Maywood DUI Defense Lawyer Gbenga Longe understands how important a strong defense is to each defendant who is charged with a DUI or traffic offense and she works hard to obtain results that meet each client’s individual needs. In some cases, this means avoiding conviction and in others it includes keeping the negative consequences for the driver to a minimum when conviction cannot be avoided.

DUI Consequences

The financial consequences of a DUI start adding up as soon as a driver is arrested. They might incur fees for posting bond, as well as for towing and storage of their vehicle. The cost of a DUI increases when the driver is convicted. Each driver who is charged with DUI has unique concerns. For example, one driver may be primarily concerned about being able to drive to work, while another is focused on keeping his commercial driver’s license. Whatever your unique concerns are, Attorney Gbenga Longe of The Longe Law Firm understands that there is a lot at stake. When you retain an experienced DUI Defense Attorney like Ms. Longe, you reduce the chance of conviction and increase the possibility that you will be able to minimize the overall consequences of your arrest.

DUI Defense

The penalties for DUI are steep, but experienced Maywood DUI Attorney Gbenga Longe, of The Longe Law Firm, knows how to defend her clients against DUI charges. Her experience in this area of law enables her to find weak spots in the state’s case and use them to obtain favorable results for her clients. When a driver is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, there are specific challenges that can be brought regarding the evidence that the state collected at the time of your arrest. For example, the field sobriety test may have been performed incorrectly or the traffic stop was made without probable cause.