Dressing Appropriately for Court


If you are scheduled to appear in a court like the Maywood Courthouse, it is something you need to take very seriously. The outcome can have lasting effects for the rest of your life. The importance of how you present yourself cannot be stressed enough. Every detail of your appearance will be scrutinized, so make sure you are thoroughly prepared, use positive body language and of course, dress properly!

Does it matter how you dress in court?

Any reputable and experienced attorney will inform their client, no matter the charge, that it definitely does matter what you wear to court. Ideally, you want to show two things to the judge and jury:

  • that you respect the courtroom, and
  • you are taking the court procedure seriously.

Whether it is as simple as a contested traffic ticket or a more complicated case, such as a charge of theft, the image you convey is vital and relevant.

That doesn’t mean you must immediately reach for an expensive suit but there is definitely a difference between a pair of slacks with a button-up shirt compared to flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. You want to present the best image you can to the court. This will help your lawyer in his or her representation on your behalf.

What to wear to court

Some common-sense suggestions for men are to wear a suit, including a sports coat and a tie. A long sleeve shirt with a collar and dress slacks with a belt or suspenders is also a wise choice.

Women should wear a conservative dress or a business suit.  A non-revealing blouse with long slacks is another good option. Don’t even think of wearing shorts or tight-fitting tops.

If you would not wear the item to an important business meeting or to a place of worship, then it’s a good chance it is not appropriate for court. Also, both men and women are recommended to wear closed toe dress shoes and wear little or no jewelry.

Other courtroom appearance considerations

It’s also a good idea for men to get a haircut about a week before their appearance, and make sure to shave and trim beards or mustaches. Women should wear conservative make-up and refrain from unusual hair dye colors, hairnets, combs and bows.

It is also advised for both genders to cover up tattoos and body piercings as much as possible. By presenting yourself conservatively and in a professional manner, you will project an attitude that can do nothing but help your case.

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